I started working in media back in September 2001 for KUT Radio, the public radio station in Austin, TX.  I quickly discovered that, while I could do things behind the mic, behind the scenes was where I thrived. Since then, I’ve done everything except work in sales.   Just no thanks.

I moved to Houston in 2006 and found another job in radio, this time starting off as a board operator and eventually working myself into the corporate office producing show promos, featured podcasts and commercials. While my wife thinks it sounds incredibly boring, I enjoy a day filled with staring at sound waves on his computer monitor, or creating nice looking web pages for other people to stare at. It’s fulfilling to see something created by you at the end of the day.

In 2008 my role expanded as help was needed with website maintenance, graphic design and email marketing. Priding myself on being a quick, independent learner, I quickly learned how to do all three of those things and, through time, became quite adept at them. Now I want to use that knowledge to help as many clients as possible.

I have a deeply held belief that good looking web sites can be made for less than most people charge.

At my last job I saw the company throw tens of thousands of dollars at various web designers to have a company website made, all to no avail. None of the sites were what the company really wanted, leaving us with nothing, but the web designers with a nice boost to their bank account.

I do not work that way.

We’ll sit down, email, phone, Skype, LogMeIn or whatever else you’d like to do to get on the same page about how you want your website to look. Then I’ll give you a quote and the scope of work. If you decide later that you want to add anything, we’ll discuss any change in price that might bring around. Then I’ll work until we’re both happy.

I want you to be happy with what you get and I want to be proud of what I’ve made. I believe the term is win-win.