In today’s world there are many ways to record what you need to record. Something as readily available as your phone can record what you need, but what do you do with it after? Making it sound good is something that isn’t the easiest in the world, and it’s something you don’t want to leave up to chance.

I started editing audio back in the early 2000s with ProTools. After ProTools, I ventured into the world of Adobe Audition and have been there ever since. After so many years of editing, your interview that features lots of starts, stops, and stumbles can sound like you’ve been sitting behind a mic for years and speak flawlessly.

Good sounding audio is one way that people realize you’re worth trusting. It’s the first impression people get when they check out the person their friend was raving about. It’s a small investment that can make or break a relationship.

Don’t let it sound lackluster, make it exactly like you want, and let me help.

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