Your website is made and you’re still having trouble because your site is down all the time while your provider does “maintenance”. That supposed 99% up time isn’t very useful when your site still goes down once a month. It gets even more frustrating when you have to call the hosting company and figure out their lingo while you’re watching your business’ credibility get hurt through no fault of your own.

Let me help you.

I don’t host your website on a server that is in my house, but I can be your point of contact. Hosting your site with me means never having to talk on the phone with a “customer service representative” again. It means being protected against hackers, and having backups being taken regularly of your site so that if something DOES go wrong you’re back up again quickly. It means having all of your plugins kept up to date and your WordPress version current so you don’t have security risks.

Basically, it means resting easy that if something does go wrong, all you have to do is send me an email, then you can sit back and not wait long before your issue is resolved.


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